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CoAnn Technologies, LLC is dedicated to developing and manufacturing cutting-edge capillary separation columns and related accessories and instruments, especially those used with combination of mass spectrometry for measurement of complex mixtures such as objectives of Omics and other researches. Currently, we focus on making sensitive, high- resolution nanoscale liquid chromatography (nanoLC) columns with inner diameters of 15-100 μm and lengths of 20-120 cm. When coupled to advanced mass spectrometers, these columns provide the sensitivity needed for mapping of proteome heterogeneities at levels of a single or a few mammalian cells (~10 μm size), the resolution allowable for characterization of ~1,500 proteins and their >10,000 proteoforms in a proteome, as well as the power capable of measurement of >6,000 proteins through assignment of ~60,000 peptides. These nanoLC columns also help acquiring high quality mass spectral datasets for phosphopeptides, metabolites, and other small biological and chemical molecules.

About Us




April 2018

Yufeng Shen

Founder of CoAnn Technologies, LLC

Dr. Yufeng Shen received his Master of Science degree from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics and his Ph.D. from Brigham Young University in analytical chemistry. He jointed Pacific Northwest National Laboratory as post-doctoral fellowship and continued his research there for twenty years as a staff scientist leading development of cutting-edge proteomic separation technologies.

Dr. Yufeng Shen has been working on developing capillary column separation and mass spectrometry technologies as well as extending their applications for more than thirty years. He published more than 100 peer reviewed papers on capillary nanoscale liquid chromatography, capillary zone electrophoresis and isoelectric focusing, micro solid phase extraction, capillary gas and supercritical fluid chromatography, electrospray ionization, mass spectrometry and informatics, proteomics, metabolomics, and degradomics.

May 2018

Launched Website

Introducing products to the market by launching our new website www.coanntech.com

June 2018

Events Held

Events and presentations were held in the Tri-Cities WA.

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