CoAnn NanoLC Columns

Best & Unique

  • Single Cell Proteomics Ultra-Sensitive NanoLC Columns
  • Top-Down Proteomics High-Resolution NanoLC Columns
  • Bottom-Up Proteomics High-Quality NanoLC Columns
  • Middle-Down Proteomics High-Efficiency NanoLC Columns
  • Phosphoproteomics Sensitive NanoLC Columns
  • Peptide and Protein Fractionation Columns
  • Metabolite Separation Columns
  • MicroSPE and ESI Emitters




NanoLC, chromatography, capillary columns, separation, proteomics, metabolomics, mass spectrometry

Patent Submission

NanoLC Column Manufacture


Mass spectrometry analysis users: scientists, professors, and researchers in academia and industry

We Believe In Science

We always believe in scientific research and at current stage, we focus on manufacturing cutting-edge packed capillary nanoLC columns. Our company is based in Richland Washington founded in 2018.


Ultra-Sensitive Separation

Protein Separation

Peptides Fractionation

Phosphopeptide Separation

Metabolite Separation

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